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A Contribution To The Nelson SPCA In Memory Of Jaki Sexton

May 14, 2020
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Nelson SPCA

SEXTON Jaki – our beloved girl, partner, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and colleague slipped away gently at Nelson Hospital on 29th April 2020 with her family present.  A strong and courageous woman who stared down cancer three times and finally succumbed.  Dearly missed and always remembered.  May she now rest in peace.  A cremation service for Jaki has been held.  Tributes to Jaki and family can be made at 

In lieu of flowers, donations to Nelson SPCA in honour of Jaki would be appreciated.

Payments and Privacy

The full amount you donate is forwarded to the SPCA when the collection closes. and the SPCA pays Memorial Gifting  a service fee of 5%+GST plus 3% to cover the fees we are charged for processing the payment.
The payment form includes the option for people to donate anonymously and not receive a receipt. By accepting the payment terms and conditions. all donors requiring a receipt consent to their contact details being shared with the SPCA 

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